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For Laser Resurfacing, we feature the Sciton Erbium-YAG laser system due to its ability to treat a wide range of skin conditions safely, effectively and comfortably.

We now proudly offer Perigree Tri-Beam Q-Switched laser technology to add to our laser peel offerings, giving our clients unique options with superior results.

is skin resurfacing right for me?

Possible Treatment Areas for NanoLaserPeels, Skin Resurfacing and ProFractional include: face, neck, chest, back, arms, and hands. For maximum results a dual treatment combination of Laser Resurfacing and/or BBL treatments may be recommended depending upon your desired outcome and skin concerns.

NanoLaserPeel or NanoLaserPeel Plus

(Light MicroLaser Treatment) Also known as the “weekend” skin peel, the NanoLaserPeel is ideal for patients with sun damaged skin and early skin aging seeking a treatment option with little to no downtime. The NanoLaserPeel is a minimally invasive peel for any skin type who wants the benefits of light skin rejuvenation. The NanoLaserPeel provides deeper resurfacing than microdermabrasion with the same positive effect on skin as 3 to 5 microdermabrasion sessions. While results are seen after one treatment, they continue to improve with successive treatments.*

skin resurfacing

(Medium Depth MicroLaser Treatment) The MicroLaserPeel skin resurfacing system is an advanced clinical method used to improve skin texture, tone, and luminosity, and is easily customizable to each patients individual goals. This skin resurfacing procedure ablates the top layer of the epidermis removing old, tired-looking skin and depending on depth, will remove some light blemishes such as sun spots and pigment irregularities. During the healing (length of heal time depends upon depth of peel) process new, healthy cells re-grow, generally improving the overall appearance of the skin.*

ProFractional therapy

Like Fraxel technology, ProFractional ablates narrow-diameter channels into the skin, covering a fraction of the total treatment area. This action initiates the body’s wound-healing response, while leaving the surrounding tissue intact for rapid healing. The benefits of ProFractional include increased patient comfort, shorter healing times, and tunable results that can range from subtle to dramatic.*

our newest treatments:

melasma laser toning

Our Melasma Laser Toning utilizes Tri-Beam Q-Switched laser technology, by penetrating the dermis in order to target pigmentation found in dermal melasma. This unique laser reduces recovery time and may be safer than other lasers because of its short pulses that don’t damage surrounding tissues, and because it is a fractional laser. Fotofacial and other similar devices use millisecond pulse durations that only purge excess pigment, leaving the melanocyte unaltered to continue to produce excess pigment. Only nanosecond pulses can alter the melanocyte to reduce or correct pigment production to normal or near normal levels.*

$1500 for Series of 10 Treatments

carbon peel (a.k.a. #blackoutfacial)

This treatment, performed exclusively at our North Raleigh location, combines laser and topical carbon lotion, serving as a photo enhancer. During treatment, carbon particles “explode” producing a crackling/popping sound with each single shot resulting in a photo-mechanical peeling effect! Best of all, there is zero downtime!

Face – $250

please note

• All laser patients must have a consultation prior to scheduling treatment.
• Any patients with a tan (real or spray tan) are not candidates for treatment.
• Specific questions regarding laser treatment options will be answered by your provider during consultation.

There will be a $75 consultation fee that may be applied to any medical aesthetic treatments on same day or in future.

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before and after

Take a look at real before and after images to show the effects of laser resurfacing skin treatments.*Individual results may vary. Click images to enlarge.

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*Individual results may vary. Patient testimonials are provided as examples of some patients results and experience, however, all patients are unique and these examples are not meant to present or to imply that any one patient’s results can be expected by another patient.

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