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Spa Packages - Synergy Spa Raleigh, NC

Spa Packages allow guests to enjoy multiple services in one visit at a discounted price. Consider a Spa Package for yourself or someone you care about.

Please Note:  For optimal booking options, please allow 4-6 weeks for scheduling spa packages.

relax and renew | $259.50

Includes an Advanced Clinical Facial, 45-minute Customized Synergy Massage along with a Synergy Manicure and Synergy Seasonal Pedicure.


pure bliss | $299.70

Includes an Advanced Clinical Facial, 60-minute Customized Synergy Massage, Synergy Ultimate Deluxe Pedicure and a Synergy Deluxe Manicure.


pure zen from head to toe | $238.50

Includes a 90-minute full body Hot Stone Massage featuring a customized blend of Aromatherapy, Synergy Deluxe Manicure followed by a Synergy Ultimate Deluxe Pedicure featuring hot stones.


pure relaxation | $315

Includes a 90-minute Hot Stone Massage, an Advanced Clinical Facial, Synergy Deluxe Manicure and a Synergy Seasonal Pedicure.


teen princess | $148.50

Includes a 45-minute Clean and Clear facial along with a consultation on proper home skin care as well as a Petite Manicure and a Petite Pedicure.

men’s retreat | $205.20

Includes a Gentlemen’s Rejuvenating Facial, 60-minute Customized Synergy Massage and a Gentlemen’s Hand Treatment.


ultimate synergy | $333.00

Includes an Advanced Clinical Facial, 90-minute Hot Stone Massage, Ultimate Deluxe Pedicure and a Synergy Deluxe Manicure.


because you do so much | $160.20

Choose from either a 75-minute Synergy Customized Massage or Advanced Clinical Facial followed by a Synergy Soothing Pedicure.


mommy-to-be | $205.20

Includes a soothing 60-minute Synergy Customized Massage by our Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist. Also included are a relaxing Ultimate Deluxe Pedicure and Synergy Deluxe Manicure.

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