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The VISIA Complexion Analysis System provides the most sophisticated experience in aesthetic and skincare consultations.  Synergy is proud to offer its technology at both our Inside The Beltline and North Raleigh locations.  A consultation with one of our expert skincare providers will not only reveal red spots, brown spots, UV damage, wrinkle density, texture and pores, but will leave you with a custom treatment plan, whether you’re interested in injectables, peels, laser treatments or homecare products.

S P E C I A L   O F F E R

Schedule your Complimentary VISIA Consultation (a $75 Value) with one of our expert providers at either location!

is VISIA right for me?

That’s a trick question:  VISIA is right for everyone! No matter which treatment route you’re considering, the VISIA Complexion Analysis System will provide you with tangible evidence of real results. Beyond visually demonstrating how your skin has changed over the course of your treatments, VISIA is able to compare your unique skin profile to its database of 250,000 faces, showing your TruSkin Age®.

Topics VISIA can address:

  • Medical Aesthetics
  • Injectables
  • Peels
  • Laser
  • Homecare

common questions and concerns

How long does a VISIA consultation take? One of the best parts about the VISIA Complexion Analysis System is that it is quick- in roughly a minute and with three quick photos the machine will have your skin profiled and revealed in a way that you have never seen it. The total consultation time will vary based on which services you’re interested in, but can last between 30 minutes and up to an hour.

What can VISIA show me? The VISIA Complexion Analysis System provides very detailed information regarding your skin profile, including everything from red spots, brown spots, UV damage, wrinkle density, texture  and pores. It also has the unique and exciting capability to show you how your skin will age over the next few years!

What can VISIA treat? While the VISIA Complexion Analysis System is an amazing tool for providers to use to see where a client or patient’s skin stands, it is first and foremost a tool. The VISIA system can help you make informed and proactive decisions regarding medical aesthetics, peels, laser treatments, injectables and homecare.

There will be a $75 consultation fee that may be applied to any medical aesthetic treatments on same day or in future.

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VISIA images

Click to enlarge images.  IntelliFlash®, cross-polarized and UV lighting are used to record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions.

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